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Laura Johnson appointed to Attorney General's C Panel

Chambers is delighted to announce that Laura Johnson, called in 2001, has been appointed to the Attorney General's C Panel of Counsel (Civil).  Chambers now has two members of Chambers who are junior counsel to the Crown, namely Laura and Simon Murray.  Laura's appointment builds on Chambers' increasingly strong public law practice.

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David Thomson appointed as FA Commissioner

We are delighted to announce that David Thomson has been appointed an FA Commissioner on the FA Regulatory Authority.  This appointment builds on David's existing sports regulatory practice and on Chambers' growing professional discipline practice.

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Costs awarded directly against limited liability insurer: Palmer v Palmer and PZ Products Limited

Judgment in Palmer v Palmer and PZ Products Limited was handed down on 6 February 2008 in the Court of Appeal.  The Court awarded costs directly against the limited liability insurer.  Liability was founded on the insurer's failure to recognise or inquire into whether its insured had any real commercial interest in continuing to contest liability, even...

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A v Hoare and related appeals: House of Lords reverse decision in Stubbings v Webb

The long-awaited opinions of the House of Lords have been delivered in the appeal of A v Hoare and other related appeals including Young v Catholic Care in which Edward Faulks QC acted for Catholic Care.  All of the appeals, save Young, depended upon whether or not the Lords were prepared to reverse their own decision in Stubbings v Webb.  They decided...

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John Ross QC and Ivor Collett elected to the PNBA Executive Committee

Chambers is delighted to announce that John Ross QC and Ivor Collett have been elected to the Executive Committee of the Professional Negligence Bar Association.  Their presence on the committee builds upon Chambers' reputation as a leading professional negligence and tortious liability set of Chambers.

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1 Chancery Lane recruits new member

We are delighted to announce that Simon Murray has joined Chambers.  Simon, called in 2000, has a busy public law practice and is on the Treasury Solicitors' C Panel.  He regularly appears in cases involving judicial review, human rights and discrimination issues.  He is also instructed in personal injury, contract, employment and landlord and...

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Powers to impose conditions on police bail: R (Torres) v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis

The Administrative Court today dismissed a claim for judicial review brought against the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis.  The claimant had been arrested on suspicion of offences against a member of his family.  After interview, a custody officer bailed him pending further inquiries and imposed a condition on his bail that he should not contact...

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Liability to repay benefits discharged at end of bankruptcy: Secretary of State for Work and Pensions v Balding

On December 13th 2007, the Court of Appeal dismissed the Secretary of State's appeal from the decision of the Administrative Court in the above-named case. The Divisional Court had held that where a decision that a claimant is liable to repay overpaid social security benefits has been issued, and the claimant has subsequently been made bankrupt and then discharged...

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