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Lougheed v On the Beach Limited [2014] EWCA Civ

'Local standards: the decision in Japp v Virgin Holidays Ltd [2013] EWCA Civ 1371' ([Dec. 2013] PIBULJ)

'Jurisdiction over torts occurring outside the EU: Stylianou v Toyoshima [2013] EWHC 2188' ([Aug. 2013] PIBULJ)

'The proposed Package Travel Directive, Articles 7 - 10' ([July 2013] ITLJ)

'Res ipsa loquitur: a resurgence?' ([May 2013] PIBULJ)

'Champertous claims - good or bad thing?' ([May 2013] ITLJ)

'Relief from sanctions' ([Aug. 2012] PIBULJ)

'Assumption of responsibility in holiday cases' ([May 2012] TATLA)

'Part 36 Offers' ([May 2012] PIBULJ)

'Complaints in Cruise Cases' (Travel Law Quarterly)

Author: Sarah Prager

'Use the of Highway Code in Personal Injury Cases' (PI Brief Update Law Journal)

Author: Sarah Prager

'The Athens Convention - Pleading in Cruise Cases' (Travel Law Quarterly)

Co-Author: Jack Harding

'The Athens Convention - Jurisdiction in Cruise Cases' (Travel Law Quarterly)

Co-Author: Sarah Prager

'The Assessment of Damages in Holiday Cases' The Impact of Milner v Carnival Plc (Travel Law Quarterly)

Author: Sarah Prager

'Assumption of Responsibility in Holiday Cases' (Travel Law Quarterly)

Author: Sarah Prager

'Pioneering Passengers' Rights' Legislation and Jurisprudence from the Aviation Sector (ERA Forum)

Author: Sarah Prager

'The Decision of the Court of Appeal in Harrison v Jagged Globe' At last some good news for tour operators (Travel Law Quarterly)

'Vicarious Liability' Are we moving away from Lister v Hesley Hall Ltd? (PI Briefing Law Journal)

'Claims Purchasing Companies' the Claimant's friend, or unwelcome parasite? (Travel Law Quarterly)

'Maher v Groupama Grand Est' (January 2009)

Author: Sarah Prager

'Ex Turpi Causa - an analysis of the decision in Gray v Thames Trains' ((2008) PIQR P20)

Author: Sarah Prager

'Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble: the standard of care in food poisoning cases' ([2008] 1 ITLJ 26)

Author: Sarah Prager

'The limitation lottery: recent developments in the law on limitation' ([2008] PIBULJ)

Author: Sarah Prager

'Surveillance evidence: is it always necessary to stay within the limits of the law?' ([2007] PIBULJ)

Author: Sarah Prager

'The applicable law in cases involving the loi badinter: ss. 11 and 12 of the Private International Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1995 reviewed' ([2007] JPIL 338)

Author: Sarah Prager

'Direct Claims Against Insurers' ([2007] PIBULJ)

Author: Sarah Prager

'Access denied: What redress airline passengers can expect under Regulation 261/2004/EC.' ((2006) 156 NLJ 1124)

'Regulation 15 of the Package Travel Regulations and the ‘Evidential Own Goal' ((2006) 3 ITLJ 131)

'A Little Local Difficulty: When are tour operators and hoteliers laible for holiday-makers' accidents?' ((2006) 156 NLJ 1006)

Co-Author: Jack Harding