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'Someone To Watch Over Me' How do courts balance the expectation of supervision with the realities of school life? (Personal Injury Law Journal)

Co-Author: Laura Johnson

'Atkin’s Court Forms: Personal Injury Vol 29(2)' (LexisNexis Butterworths 2007)

Contributor(s): , Justin Althaus , Laura Johnson

'De Smith, Woolf and Jowell's Judicial Review of Administrative Action' 6th Ed 2007 (Woolf, Jowell and Le Sueur)

Research Assistant: Laura Johnson

'Defence, The Key Strategic Moment' Personal Injury Law Journal (No 60 Nov 2007)

Author: Laura Johnson

'Trustee Exemption Clauses and the Negligent Professional' (Elderly Client Adviser Vol 11, Issue 2, Jan/Feb 2006)

Author: Laura Johnson

'Atkin's Court Forms: Personal Injury and Professional Negligence' Vol. 29(2) (2003)

Contributor(s): Laura Johnson , Justin Althaus